Repair Services

Hire a licensed licensed OSSF installer to perform septic system repair and make sure they carry general liability insurance. This is primarily for homeowner safety, since septic systems produce harmful fumes and can be dangerous to clean for those not adequately prepared.

Using qualified professionals also reduces the chance of improper monitoring or possible damage to the system during pumping. Contact either your local health and sanitation department or check the Yellow Pages in your area phone book to find qualified pumpers. Septic system repair can be expensive, to avoid costly repairs maintain your septic system and have it pumped regularly.
Some things you can look for to recognize the need for septic system repair (link: http://www.septicseep.com/index.htm) are:

 Water puddling on top of your drain field.
 Septic odor in the vicinity of your drain field or tank.
 Slow running household drains and/or toilets.

Septic system maintenance is often overlooked by homeowners, a little regular maintenance can help you avoid an expensive septic system repair.  http://www.septicseep.com


Be sure to keep a record of any maintenance that has been performed on your septic system including periodic pumping, septic product applications, and tank inspections and refurbishments.

www.SepticSeep.com is an information packed web site which explains how septic systems work.



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