Frequently Asked Questions -- Troubleshooting

Paul Swoyer Septics, LLC, believes in providing clients as much information as possible to make processes hassle-free.  Here's a few questions that we often hear.  Click on the question below to reveal the answer.



The only thing that should be flushed down the toilet is toilet paper! Any thing else will not be digested by the system. It will be pushed through and could get caught up in the pump. This will cause damage, therefore could void the warranty.

Garbage disposals should be used very sparingly, the aerobic system is designed to dispose of human waste it will not break down non-digested food.

Water softeners of all kinds should be plumbed into the PUMP tank only.

Cleaning chemicals that are flushed down the systems should be used sparingly, your system is alive and harsh chemicals cause damage.

You are responsible for adding chlorine to your system this is just the normal laundry bleach you can buy anywhere. Open the cap on top of the tank that is labeled “danger chlorine gas” dump in chlorine up to the tubes that you see going out the side of the pipe. You will need to check this a couple of times a month until you are familiar with the amount your system uses. This is a siphon system each time the pump comes on it draws chlorine out to disinfect the water that is sprayed on your lawn. Therefore chlorine usage is determined based on water usage.

We need to have access to the tank. If you are going to do landscaping please have risers installed.

If you would prefer to be present during inspections please call our office to set your account to be placed on appointment only.