Septic Design

Paul Swoyer Septics will take care of all the paperwork needed to obtain the Septic Permit from the County.  We employ an Engineer (P.E.) to Design your Septic System.

The State of Texas and the County where you live have enacted laws that govern the design and installation of all On Site Sewage Facilities.  These laws can change.  Paul Swoyer Septics understands these laws and will design your system according to your state and local codes.

To determine what type of septic system can be installed, a decision must be made to dig test holes and perform the soil analysis for a standard or conventional type septic system.  Some considerations are:  


Is there enough soil present in the drain field area? (Must have 4 ft of good soil)  - No rock or clay
Is there enough room for a drain field? 
Is the ground level or is it sloped greater than 15%?
Is there too much rock in the drain field area?
Is there sufficient drop from the house to the tank location and down to the drain field?  
If a standard or conventional septic system cannot be installed, then an Alternative or Aerobic Septic System can be designed. 

Aerobic Septic Systems do not require test holes.
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