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Septic system information and resources

Paul Swoyer Septic system contractors in Central Texas handles all paperwork needed to obtain the septic permit from the county. We employ an engineer (P.E.) for your septic system design in central Texas.

To determine the type of septic system you can install, the following considerations will be taken in account:

Is there enough soil present in the drain field area? At least four feet of good soil (no rock or clay) is necessary.
Is there enough room for a drain field?
Is the ground level or is it sloped greater than 15%?
Is there sufficient drop from the house to the tank location and down to the drain field?

If a conventional septic system cannot be installed, then an aerobic septic system can be designed, which will not require test holes.


Our engineer will need specific documents to design your septic system and to obtain permits from your county government.

  • Plot plan or survey
  • Recorded warranty deed
  • Square feet of living space and number of bedrooms
  • 911 address (can be obtained from County Road Office)
  • For aerobic systems only, an affidavit to public form with signatures notarized and service agreement. Forms will be furnished by installer.

Additional information

Please download the informational documents below to learn more about septic systems and pumping.

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Maxx Air is for most of our Aerobic Septic systems, which also include the two types of Aerobic Systems:

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