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Septic system design

Septic systems require care in site selection, design and construction. Every individual conventional septic tank absorption field system must be designed and constructed according to State Board of Health regulation, 410 IAC 6-8, as explained in Residential Sewage Disposal Systems (available through your County Board of Health). A FACTS computer program is available at your local County Extension office that can make recommendations for several types of on-site septic systems for use with various site and soil conditions. If a conventional system is suitable for your situation, the program will provide the following design information: estimates of the septic gravel volume, total trench bottom area required, and depth to the trench bottom. It will also plot specific layouts of the septic field for various trench widths that will best fit the shape and size of the disposal area.

Septic system design process

A qualified professional will develop the site selection and layout. Steps in the design process include:

  • Identify soils to evaluate suitability for an on-site soil absorption field
  • Identify locations for the septic tank, feedline trench and center line of all soil trenches
  • Determine spacing for trenches
  • Fence the total area required for the soil absorption field plus an additional distance of at least 50 feet downslope
  • Specify where a diversion ditch and/or subsurface curtain drain should be installed if the trenches are in the side or at the base of a slope and backfill with gravel