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Septic system installation

We have equipment to make repairs and do installations for expansive land areas that need to be excavated. The large equipment is efficient for big jobs, allowing us to work quickly at competitive prices.

We install:

Water lines
Grease traps
Sewer lines and other excavation work
Conventional and Aerobic Septic systems

Our smaller equipment allows us to make repairs in hard to reach areas with minimal disruption to your yard, saving you hundreds of dollars. We can also seal existing tanks that have leaks.

We install:

Distribution boxes

Septic tank installation in Central Texas

The correct septic tank size depends on the anticipated usage. To determine the required septic tank size based on daily water volume usage, you need to refer to TCEQ Chapter 285 (Page 13). Below you can see Home Advisor's average cost of a residential septic tank installation in Texas.

Process and timeline for installing a residential septic system

Usually, the complete installation process takes two months. However, if the permit is already secured, completion may only take about 3 weeks.

  • Permit and design coordination (about 3 weeks)
  • Permit review ( about 4-5 weeks depending on county)
  • Permit issuance–we can now legally begin the installation process and move on site (usually our install timeline is about 2-3 weeks out, weather permitting)
  • Dig time/set tank (1 week once we’re on site, weather permitting)
  • Operational inspection (uncovered trenches, holes, etc.)
  • PSS covers all of the septic system
  • Final inspection
  • License to operate (LTO)